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They at whose lore the whole world stands amazed,
Whose high thoughts, like Borák, to heaven are raised,
    Strive to know Thee in vain, and like heaven's wheel
Their heads are turning, and their brains are dazed.


Allah hath promised wine in Paradise,
Why then should wine on earth be deemed a vice?
    An Arab in his cups cut Hamzah's girths,—
For that sole cause was drink declared a vice.


Now of old joys naught but the name is left,
Of all old friends but wine we are bereft,
    And that wine new, but still cleave to the cup,
For save the cup, what single joy is left?

147.   C. L. N. A.   Borák, the steed on which Muhammad made his famous nocturnal ascent to heaven.

148.   L. N.   Nicolas says this refers to an event which occured to Hamzah, a relation of Muhammad.