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Why spend life in vainglorious essay
All Being and Not-being to survey?
    Since Death is ever pressing at your heels,
'Tis best to drink or dream your life away.


Some hanker after that vain phantasy
Of Houris, feigned in Paradise to be;
    But, when the veil is lifted, they will find
How far they are from Thee, how far from Thee!


In Paradise, they tell us, Houris dwell.
And fountains run with wine and oxymel:
    If these be lawful in the world to come.
Surely 'tis right to love them here as well.

183.   C. L. N. A. I. J.   In line 2, scan păyĭ.   Being, i.e. the Deity, the only real existence, and Not-being, the nonentity in which His attributes are reflected.   See Gulshan i Ráz, p. 14.