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Now is the time earth decks her greenest bowers,
And trees, like Musa's hand, grow white with flowers!
   As 't were at 'Isa's breath the plants revive,
While clouds brim o'er, like tearful eyes, with showers.


O burden not thyself with drudgery,
Lord of white silver and red gold to be;
    But feast with friends, ere this warm breath of thine
Be chilled in death, and earthworms feast on thee.


The showers of grape-juice, which cupbearers pour,
Quench fires of grief in many a sad heart's core;
    Praise be to Allah, who hath sent this balm
To heal sore hearts, and spirits' health restore!

201.   C. L. N. A. B. I.   Musa and 'Isa are often written without the alif i maksúr.   Bl., Prosody 3.

202.   N.