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At dawn, when dews bedeck the tulip's face,
And violets their heavy heads abase,
    I love to see the roses' folded buds,
With petals closed against the winds' disgrace.


Like as the skies rain down sweet jessamine.
And sprinkle all the meads with eglantine,
    Right so, from out this jug of violet hue,
I pour in lily cups this rosy wine.


Ah! thou hast snared this head, though white as snow,
Which oft has vowed the wine-cup to forego;
    And wrecked the mansion long resolve did build.
And rent the vesture penitence did sew!

210.   L. B.

211.   B.   Here read măyĭ, with one , and kasra, because the metre requires a word of only two consonants, and two short vowels, of the wazn măfá.