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Many have come, and run their eager race,
Striving for pleasures, luxuries, or place,
    And quaffed their wine, and now all silent lie,
Enfolded in their parent earth's embrace.


Then, when the good reap fruits of labours past,
My hapless lot with drunkards will be cast;
    If good, may I be numbered with the first,
If bad, find grace and mercy with the last.


Of happy turns of fortune take your fill,
Seek pleasure's couch, or wine-cup, as you will;
    Allah regards not if you sin, or saint it,
So take your pleasure, be it good or ill.

237.   C. L. A. I.

238.   C. L. A. I.

239.   C. L. N. A. I. J.   Alluding to the Hadís, "These are in heaven, and Allah regards not their sins, and these in hell, and Allah regards not their good works."   See Gulshan i Ráz, p. 55.