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Though I had sinned the sins of all mankind,
I know Thou would' st to mercy be inclined;
    Thou sayest, "I will help in time of need:"
One needier than me where wilt Thou find?


Am I a wine-bibber? What if I am?
Gueber, or infidel? Suppose I am?
    Each sect miscalls me, but I heed them not,
I am my own, and, what I am, I am.


All my life long from drink I have not ceased,
And drink I will to-night on Kader's feast;
    And throw my arms about the wine-jar's neck,
And kiss its lip, and clasp it to my breast!

333.   C. L. N. A. I. J.   The waw in 'afw is a consonant, and therefore takes kasra for the izáfat, without the intervention of conjunctive .