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This world a body is, and God its soul,
And angels are its senses, who control
    Its limbs—the creatures, elements, and spheres;
The ONE is the sole basis of the whole.


Last night that idol who enchants my heart,
With true desire to elevate my heart,
    Gave me his cup to drink; when I refused,
He said, "O drink to gratify my heart!"


Would'st thou have fortune bow her neck to thee.
Make it thy care to feed thy soul with glee;
    And hold a creed like mine, which is, to drain
The cup of wine, not that of misery.

369.   L. N.   So Pope, "All are but parts," &c.

370.   N.

371.   L. N.   So the Ecclesiast, "There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat, and drink, and make his soul enjoy good in his labour."