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Though you survey, my enlightened friend,
This world of vanity from end to end,
    You will discover there no other good
Than wine and rosy cheeks, you may depend!


Last night upon the river bank we lay,
I with my wine-cup, and a maiden gay,
    So bright it shone, like pearl within its shell,
The watchman cried, " Behold the break of day!"


Have you no shame for all the sins you do,
Sins of omission and commission too?
    Suppose you gain the world, you can but leave it,
You cannot carry it away with you!

372.   N.   Note izáfat dropped after sáhib. Bl., Prosody, p. 14.

373.   N.   Nigáré, Here ya may be ya i tankír, the izáfat being dispensed with (Lumsden, ii. 269), [?] or perhaps ya i tausífí before the "sifat" mawzún.