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Bring forth that ruby gem of Badakhshán,
That heart's delight, that balm of Turkistán;
    They say 'tis wrong for Musulmáns to drink,
But ah! where can we find a Musulmán?


My body's life and strength proceed from Thee!
My soul within and spirit are of Thee!
    My being is of Thee, and Thou art mine,
And I am Thine, since I am lost in Thee!


Man, like a ball, hither and thither goes,
As fate's resistless bat directs the blows;
    But He, who gives thee up to this rude sport,
He knows what drives thee, yea, He knows, He knows!

399.   C. L. N. A. I. J.   Some MSS. read labála'l.

400.   L.   "In him we live and move, and have our being."

401.   C. L. A. I. J.   Line 4 is in metre 22, consistiug of ten syllables, all long.   The alifs after each dánad are treated as ordinary consonants.   Bl., Prosody, p. 10.