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O Thou who givest sight to emmet's eyes,
And strength to puny limhs of feeble flies,
    To Thee we will ascribe Almighty power,
And not base unbecoming qualities.


Let not base avarice enslave thy mind,
Nor vain ambition in its trammels bind;
    Be sharp as fire, as running water swift.
Not, like earth's dust, the sport of every wind!


'Tis best all other blessings to forego
For wine, that charming Turki maids bestow;
    Kalandars' raptures pass all things that are,
From moon on high down unto fish below!

402.   L.   An echo of the Asharians' discussions on the Divine attributes.

403.   L. C. A. I. J.

404.   C. L. N. A. B. I. J.   For mai L. reads hakk, probably a Sufi gloss.   In line 4 scan mastiyy-ŏ.   Bl., Prosody, p. 11.   Kalandars, bibulous Sufis.