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In slandering and reviling you persist.
Calling me infidel and atheist:
    My errors I will not deny, but yet
Does foul abuse become a moralist?


To find a remedy, put up with pain,
Chafe not at woe, and healing thou wilt gain;
    Though poor, be ever of a thankful mind,
'Tis the sure method riches to obtain.


Give me a skin of wine, a crust of bread,
A pittance bare, a book of verse to read;
    With thee, love, to share my lowly roof,
I would not take the Sultan's realm instead!

450.   C. L. N. A. I.   In line 1, scan gōyī-yaz, Bl., Prosody, p. 10.   The tashdíd of mukirr is dropped.

451.   L. N.   Dawáyiy.   The first ya is the conjunctive ya (Vullers, p. 16), the second, yá i tankír.