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Dame Fortune! all your acts and deeds confess
That you are foul oppression's votaress;
    You cherish bad men, and annoy the good;
Is this from dotage, or sheer foolishness?


You, who in carnal lusts your time employ,
Wearing your precious spirit with annoy,
    Know that these things you set your heart upon
Sooner or later must the soul destroy!


Hear from the spirit world this mystery:
Creation is summed up, man, in thee;
    Angel and demon, man and beast art thou.
Yea, thou art all thou dost appear to be!

495.   C. L. A. I. J.   Mu'takif, a devotee.

496.   L.   In line 4, L. writes árĭzúyī with two yas, the second being reflexed under the first.   Bl. (Prosody p. 12) approves this method.   The second is the yá i batni, after conjunctive ya.