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Young wooer, charm all hearts with lover's art,
Glad winner, lead thy paragon apart!
   A hundred Ka'bas equal not one heart,
Seek not the Ka'ba, rather seek a heart!


"What time, my cup in hand, its draughts I drain.
And with rapt heart unconsciousness attain,
   Behold what wondrous miracles are wrought,
Songs flow as water from my burning brain.


To-day is but a breathing space, quaff wine!
Thou wilt not see again this life of thine;
   So, as the world becomes the spoil of time,
Offer thyself to be the spoil of wine!

18.   Bl. C. L. N. A. I. J.   Line 2, "In the presence seize the perfect heart."   Niyáz, "lovers' entreaties."

19.   L. N.   Sukhanháyĭ: Kasra i tausfíí before the epithet, chu áb.   Lumsden, ii. p. 259.

20.   L. N.   Do muhlat, "inhaling and exhaling."