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(From the Air Advertiser, Sept. 15, 1836.)

The thirteenth Annual Competition of Cattle, for prizes given by the Proprietors to the Tenants on the Estates of Trearne, Hazlehead, Rough wood, Woodside, and Drumbowie, lying in the Parishes of Beith, Dairy, and Lochwinnoch, and Counties of Ayr, and Renfrew, took place at Trearne, on the 10th current. The same judges attended who have officiated with so much satisfaction for the last 12 years, viz:—Messrs Alexander Bartlemore of Seabrae; James Kirkwood in Gameshill; Robert Craig in Ryesholm: and John Craig in Blackbarn. There appeared on the field 29 mileh cows, 17 queys, 51 stirks, 11 bulls, 27 mares, foals and colts, and 5 pair of pigs, making in all one hundred and forty-five.

After inspeeting the cattle, in presence of the tenants and a number of spectators, the Proprietor, with the Judges and Tenants, and a few friends, amounting in all to about 100 sat down to a most comfortable dinner at Trearne, when the report of the Judges was read over and the prizes, amounting in all to twenty pounds, were distributed as follows, viz:—

1. For the best bull, two-years-old and upwards, William Kerr in Barrodger.
2. For the second best do., Franeis Barr, Nettlehirst.
3. For the best Bull stirk, John Wilson in Burnside.
4. For the 2d best do., Wm. Fulton, Sproulston.
5. For the best stock of Milch Cows not fewer than four, belonging to one tenant, Hugh Robertson in Loanhead.
6. For the best Milch Cow, three-years-old and upwards, Hugh Robertson in Loanhead.
7. For the second best do., Thomas Lauchland in Bogside.