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1296 A.D.]

The Reign of John de Balliol.


jeovene," Earl of Carrick, signed on August 28th. One famous name may, however, be sought for in vain. There are three le Waleyses from Ayrshire and one from Berwick; but whether he was, as has been reported, an outlaw at this time for manslaughter, or whether he was already resolved on armed resistance, or for both reasons, William Wallace the Patriot never bowed the knee to King Edward. Perhaps it is not necessary to look further for cause of the absence of his signature from the roll than the fact that, being neither a landowner nor otherwise of importance, he was not required to sign.

As for the young Earl of Carrick, he stood high in royal favour at this time, for, on October 15th, the King commanded his debts to be "attermed" in the easiest way for him, "for the great esteem he [Edward] has for the good service of Robert de Brus, Earl of Carrick."

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