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1304-6 A.D.]
The Revolt of Robert de Brus.

moment to tabulate the public acts of Robert de Brus up to the time of Wallace's execution. In the cold light of official records and correspondence, they present an appearance somewhat different from that given to them in what has often passed for history.

1296. August 28: the Earl of Carrick, 22 years of age, does fealty to Edward I. at Berwick, his father, the Lord of Annandale, being the King's governor of Carlisle.
1297. Renews his fealty at Carlisle and raids the lands of Douglas. Afterwards joins the insurgent Scots, but capitulates at Irvine, July 9, giving his daughter Marjorie as hostage for his loyalty to Edward. On November 14 he is received to the King's peace.
1298. July 3: being in the King's service in Galloway, he writes to the English chancellor.
1299. Is elected one of three Guardians of Scotland in the name of King John. Attacks Edward's garrison in Lochmaben Castle in the same month.
November 13: he and the other Guardians, besieging Stirling Castle, write to King Edward, offering to desist from hostilities on the mediation of the King of France.
1302. February 6: King Edward pardons a murderer on the intercession of the Earl of Carrick, who is, at the same time, appealing for aid to the King of France.
April 28: comes with his tenants into the King's peace.
October: attends King Edward's Parliament.
1303. April: receives orders from the King to attend muster at Roxburgh, with forces from Galloway.
July 14: receives advance of pay from King Edward.
December: has been appointed King Edward's sheriff of Lanark.
1304. January: is King Edward's constable of Ayr Castle.
March 3: receives King Edward's thanks for good service. Attends the King's Parliament at St. Andrews.
April: his father being dead, he goes to London to look after his succession and corresponds with the King. On the