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1313 A.D.]

Campaigns of Edward II.


ropes of the drawbridge, so that it could not be raised, the eight fellows sprang from under the hay, slew the unhappy porter, overpowered the few men left in the castle, and the ambush running up made all secure before the return of the party from the harvest. And thus the important "pele" of Linlithgow was won. From the muster rolls that year it appears that the garrison included 88 horse besides a considerable number of foot soldiers.[1]

On the expiry of the truce with the northern English counties on June 24th, of this year, Bruce threatened another descent upon them; whereupon, despairing of any succour from their own King, they once more paid a heavy tribute as the price of an extension till September 29, 1314.[2] Great events were to take place before that date came round,

At this time it is believed that King Robert resided chiefly at Clackmannan castle, within easy reach of Stirling.

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