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throne, 305; confirms the truce made by his father, 306; commands an army against the Scots, 310; proclamation of, during campaign against the Scots, 311; failure of Scottish campaign of, 318; issues letters of protection to Douglas on his mission to the Holy Land, 359

Elgin, Edward I. at, 79

Elizabeth, wife of Bruce, death of, 329; incidents in the life of, 330

Eric, King of Norway, negotiations between Edward I. as to the marriage between Princess Margaret and Prince Edward, 42; sends plenipotentiaries to England to confer as to the succession of Princess Margaret, ib.; claim to the Scottish succession by, 58

Exchequer Rolls, evidence regarding Bruce's work in the, 299


Fabyan, story of Bruce's sojourn in Norway by, 145

Falaise, treaty of, 56

Falkirk, battle of, 96-98

Fife, English invaders in, 251

Flanders, expedition by Edward I. to, 89

Flemings, encouraged to settle in Scotland, 349

Flemish merchants, gallant defence of Berwick by, 74

FÅ“dera Angelicana, Rymer's, 13

Folk-lore, the spider in, 15

Fordun, John of, the Scotichronicon by, 8; remark on claimants to the Scottish throne by, 50; opinion of, as to settlement of the Scottish succession, 65; account by, of a plot against Bruce, 275

Forfar, captured by Bruce, 190

France, collections of public treaties printed in, 12

Fraser, Sir Simon, joins the Scottish national party, 111; sent into exile, 124; execution of, 140

Fraser, William, Bishop of St. Andrews, letter to Edward I. from, 47; policy of, as to the Scottish succession, 50, 51

Free trade, policy of, in Scotland, 350

French knights in the English army, 285

Froissart, historical point of view of, 2; story as to the last wishes of Edward I., 167; description of Scottish cavalry by, 308; on the death of Bruce, 338, 339

Furness, the Scots at, 235


Gael, ancient contempt for the Saxon by the, 28

Galloway, struggle for independence of, 31; uncultivated state of Crown lands in, 40; the English in, 107; raid of Bruce in, 173; Edward de Brus in, 183; an Act concerning, 351

Galythly, Patrick, claim to the Scottish throne by, 58

Gascons, fight between the Scots and, 234

Gaveston, Piers, Earl of Cornwall, honours bestowed upon, by Edward II., 173, 180; Warden of Scotland north of the Forth, 188; sentenced to perpetual exile, ib.; death of, 197

Glasgow, Bishop of, see Wischard

Glentrool, adventures of Bruce in, 157

Gloucester, Earl of, speech to Edward I. by, regarding the Scottish succession, 65; counsels flight of Bruce from Eng-