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ten years before the present war. It was directed (as I state in the preface) not against one particular European nation, but against the whole of European civilization."

M. Rolland has rendered further comment, I think, unnecessary. It is sufficient only to state that Le Théâtre du peuple was a polemic against the convention-ridden theater and drama of the day, and a work of inspiration for those who believed that the theater ought to be a place of recreation as well as education—in the broadest sense—for all people, in particular the working classes.

The chapters originally appeared as articles in the Revue d’art dramatique, between 1900 and 1903.

Le Théâtre du peuple contains an appendix, quoting many documents of the French Revolution bearing upon the subject of popular festivals. With M. Rolland's permission I have omitted the appendix.

In a very few instances I have taken the liberty of expanding the author's chapter-headings, to guide the reader in search of particular topics.

Barrett H. Clark.

Headquarters, Camp Humphreys,
June 22, 1918.