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ROMAIN HOLLAND JEAN-CHRISTOPHE, $1.75 net JBAN-CHRISTOPHE * IK PARIS, $1.75 net JEAN-CHRISTOPHE: JOURIJTEY'S END, $1.75 net The set % leather, boxed $10.00 net SOME MUSICIANS OF FORMER DATS, $1.50 net SOME MUSICIANS OF TODAY, $1.50 net BEETHOVEN. With supplementary analysis of his works by A. Eaglefield Hull, $1.50 net HANDEL, $1.50 net THE FOURTEENTH OF JULY and DASTTON/ Two Plays for a People's Theatre. Translated by Barrett H. Clark, $1.50 THE PEOPLE'S THEATRE. Translated by Barrett H. Clark, $1.35 BARRETT H. CLARK THE CONTINENTAL DRAMA OF TODAYS OUTLINES FOR ITS STUDY, $1.75 net THE BRITISH AND AMERICAN DRAMA OF TODAY: OUTLINES FOR THEIR STUDY, $1.75 net THREE MODERN PLAYS FROM THE FRENCH. Edited by Barrett H. Clark, $1.75 net HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY NEW YORK CITY