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royal automobiles, because no others are allowed to carry such horns!"

It did not sound again and the baron was begin- ning to recover his senses and anger; although now the latter was curiously intermingled with respect, if not fear. Kent stood over him per- fectly calm and self-possesesd.

"Listen, Provarsk," he said, "and make no mistake. My man and I may have trouble get- ting you out of here; but of one feature rest as- sured. If any of your sentries come in to take us, or to help you, they will find a dead leader on this table!"

An almost sly smile shifted the grim outlines of his mouth, as he added, speaking entirely for the baron's ears, and well aware that Ivan, watching his prisoner, could not take the order, "Ivan, if the baron opens his mouth to call for help, or makes any attempt to reach that bell, kill him instantly by breaking his neck across the edge of the table. If you prefer, you may cut his head off with that knife on your hip, but make no noise. Do it quickly, and surely."

He saw that Provarsk was impressed with his peril but also saw a sudden gleam of exultation leap into his eyes at the sound which now became audible throughout the corridor, a sound of com- motion and a woman's voice raised to an indig-

nant pitch of determination.