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which now burden you will soon be over with."

The usurper's face flushed red, but he controlled himself to pass the crisis. This American had taunted him, and played with him in the moment when disaster had overtaken his plans—but what- ever else he was, Provarsk was a good sports- man, and, somehow, the humour of the situation, even in this time of stress, appealed. He broke into a cynical laugh that echoed through the cor- ridors and convinced the wondering Ubaldo that there was nothing covert in the situation. The lat- ter even grinned and winked at his comrades after the procession disappeared and declared, "Trust him! He's a fox! Already he has that dodder- ing old ass just where he wants him. Now you fellows can take a rest!"

The two sentries on guard in the gaily painted sentry boxes outside the palace gates decided, when they saw the princess, who had almost forced her way into the palace, reappear and enter her car, that they had done well to admit her; for surely that great leader, Baron Provarsk, whom they had assisted to the throne, talked most gaily when he drove away in the second car with the high-voiced, cackling old man who still clung to him in a most friendly manner. The only diffi- culty about a revolution, after all, the sentries decided, was that it robbed the invaders of enough

sleep, and thereupon they yawned widely and