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latter evidently repeating some former instructions.

"And you are quite certain that Captain Paulo has had sufficient time and can be depended on to the minute?" the American asked.

"Positive!" declared the king with great ear- nestness.

"And you will attend to the other arrange- ments?"

"Yes, Mr. Kent. "

"Then here goes, and—good luck to us all!"

The American would have turned from the room without further ceremony, but the king's face glowed and impetuously he held out his hand.

"Just a moment, sir," he said. "If anything goes wrong—and your mission may be dangerous ! I want you to know that I appreciate all you have done and are trying to do for me."

The American seemed embarrassed by this dis- play of gratitude. He took the king's hand, but answered, brusquely, "Pshaw! You fail to un- derstand that what I am trying to do is to save my own credit, and to make certain that John Rhodes' money is not lost. I have no sentiment—that is —to amount to anything. Good-bye."

He beckoned to Ivan and passed directly out to the still waiting touring car, into which he climbed.

"Drive us back to the palace in Marken," he