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"Quite a nice agreement! A very pleasant agreement, indeed!" Kent assented. "We will now have an interview with Captain Paulo. "

He gave Ivan the order, speaking loudly, as though to impress on the new chancellor that his man was a trifle hard of hearing, and in a moment Captain Paulo stood before them.

"Captain Paulo," said Kent, "His Majesty, the king, has graciously delegated me to reorganise the cabinet of Marken, and, because of your fidelity, you are now appointed Minister of the Treasury."

Paulo stood with a look of astonishment on his face. It was an advancement that he had never thought of. Truly there must have been some foundation for the Arabian Nights. For once the king was not disturbed by the American's plans, and began ta wonder if, after all, there was not some method in this new form of madness,

"Those are my wishes, Captain Paulo," said he. Kent bowed his head gravely to the new Min- ister of the Treasury.

"Permit me to introduce the new Chancellor of the realm, Baron Provarsk."

Paulo found it difficult to bow; but by desperate effort did so. Provarsk acknowledged this def- erence to his position by an airy, "That's all right, Paulo. Never can tell what your luck

may be. Perhaps I'll make you a field marshal