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He paused and saw with satisfaction that his words were having effect. He went them one bet- ter. He lowered his voice to a tone of pathos, rolled his eyes upward, shook his hands up at the clear blue sky and said in a still more impressive silence, "I would that you could have seen that great king that governs us all, Karl the Second, whose name shall pass down through all ages, im- mortal, enshrined in the tender memories of men, as he stood with great pitiful eyes suffused with unshed tears and cried, ' The salvation of my peo- ple lies in that simple thing, the full dinner pailĀ ! And that this may come about there is but one way, that all men shall work, produce, develop, and do their share. The richer the plutocrat, the more he should do. The poorer the man, the more op- portunity he should have to become independent among his fellows. Therefore each and all shall work as his or their abilities seem fitted. There shall be no more starvation wages. Some wages shall be increased by the hundred fold, and others in proportion. The man who now earns but a kroner a day shall have two kroners. The rich man shall work with his brothers and actually earn the same.' Thus spoke His Majesty. The gra- cious king will see that work is forthcoming, and the gracious king will see that no one in all this broad land shall go hungry to his humble couch

whilst others who have heretofore prospered