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it all mean?" and the Princess Eloise broke into a surprised and gratified smile.

Kent again faced Ivan and asked, "And by the way, did you learn what they have to say about our most noble chancellor, Provarsk?" Ivan grinned broadly, and with marked enjoy- ment said, "Yes. Most of the things they said I can't repeat; but I should think it would not be very wise or safe for His Excellency, the Chan- cellor, to be seen without a good strong guard for a few days, or until this celebration blows over. On that point they dispute among themselves; some being in favour of tar and feathers, while the others insist on hanging."

"You remember of whom you are speaking !" roared Provarsk, betrayed into an unusual display of anger.

"If necessary, " said Kent, eyeing him, "I'll see that you are handed over to the mob in the Market Place within the next ten minutes, and with the word that the king agrees with those who want to lynch you. "

"You asked my advice a few minutes ago, Mr. Kent," the princess broke in with a malicious lit- tle laugh. " Let me offer it. Send him down there now, regardless of whether he has anything more to say."

Provarsk controlled himself and was again the

polished, self-contained, and fearless man of the