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troubled as he bade the man open the door for her, and himself moved toward it.

She entered hurriedly and closed the door be- hind her. Her anxiety and excitement were marked.

"Tell me," she said, hastily advancing, "what has taken place. Karl had no time. He told me to come here and ask you. Why is there a sen- try?"

"Princess Eloise," he said quietly, "I am un- der arrest by Provarsk's ordersĀ ; but your brother and I have taken steps that will render him very harmless."

She looked at him with pronounced consterna- tion that was augmented when he added, "Steps also that render my remaining longer in Marken unnecessary, so I shall soon be going."

"In the midst of such an emergency?"

"I do not believe it will be an emergency very- long," he said, gravely. "And I do not believe that after to-day I shall be needed. Therefore I expect to leave Marken within a few days."

"But you can't!" she insisted, desperately.

A slow change came over his face, the change that his intimates in big affairs would have called his "Poker face," a face that would be wooden regardless of whatever depression, elation, craft

or plan passed through his mind.