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Popular Copyright Novels


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Empty Pockets Rupert Hughes

Enchanted Hat, The Harold MacGrath

Eye of Dread, The Payne Erskine

Eyes of the World, The Harold Bell Wright

Far Horizon, The Lucas Malet

54-40 or Fight Emerson Hough

Fighting Chance, The Robert W. Chambers

Financier, The Theodore Dreiser

Flamsted Quarries Mary E. Waller

Flying Mercury, The Eleanor M. Ingram

For a Maiden Brave Chauncey C. Hotchkiss

Four Million, The O. Henry

Four Pool's Mystery, The Jean Webster

Fruitful Vine, The Robert Hichens

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford G. R. Chester

Gilbert Neal Will N. Harben

Girl From His Town, The Marie Van Vorst

Girl of the Blue Ridge, A Payne Erskine

Girl Who Lived in the Woods, The M. B. Cooke

Girl Who Won, The Beth Ellis

Glory of Clementina, The Win. J. Locke

Glory of the Conquered, The Susan Glaspell

God's Country and the Woman J. O. Curwood

God's Good Man Marie Corelli

Going Some Rex Beach

Gold Bag, The Carolyn Wells

Golden Web, The Anthony Partridge

Gordon Craig Randall Parrish

Greyfriars Bobby Eleanor Atkinson

Guests of Hercules C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Halcyone Elinor Glynn

Happy Island (Sequel to Uncle William) J. Lee

Havoc E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Heart of the Desert, The Honore Willsie

Heart of the Hills, The John Fox, Jr.

Heart of Philura Florence Morse Kingsley

Heather-Moon, The C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Her Infinite Variety Brand W [hillock

Her Weight in Gold George Barr McCutcheon

Herb of Grace Rosa Nouchette Carey