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do it, grin and move. If he isn't, call for the police or take a club and chase him into the middle of the next block. It appears they were strong enough to put you out, so—here you are!"

"No, you are wrong," disputed the king. "It was not the people who caused me to leave. It was my cousin, Baron Provarsk, who wants to rule in my place, and who laughs and snaps his fingers at any idea of reform."

"I rather approve of him," Kent volunteered. "How did he do it?"

1 ' He has money. He gathered a good-sized band of mercenaries from the surrounding states, with- out our knowing it, surprised the palace to-night, which was easy because I have dispensed with much of a guard, and we had to escape."

"His Majesty fails to be explicit," declared the chancellor, crustily. "Provarsk would have mur- dered him."

"But what I can't understand," said Kent, "is why you didn't fight it out? "Why you two come mounted? Why Her Eoyal Highness arrives in a car accompanied by a maid and one officer? Why didn't all——"

"When the attack was made it was entirely unexpected," explained the king. "I had not the faintest fear that any of my subjects would lay hands on my person. I was unable to defend the

palace alone, and couldn't escape and leave my