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"And yours ? How much do you get ?"

"I'll get enough. That is not your affair," somewhat stiffly responded the usurper. * ' All that need concern you is that I hope, and think, Rhodes will lose nothing and that you will make a million francs. Also that no one but you and I is ever to know anything about it. It is, after all, a clean deal. You get well paid for your work. I get well paid for my management. Rhodes gets well paid for his advance. "

Again the American made that queer twisting movement and glanced over his shoulder to reas- sure himself that Ivan was still standing behind him. The baron complacently dropped back into his seat, beaming with satisfaction. He accepted the conclusion too speedily, as was evinced by his visitor's next remark. Kent leaned slowly back, rested his hands on his hips and laughed. The usurper frowned at him.

"Hot stuff! Fresh from the bat!" Kent said in his native tongue, then reverted to the language of Marken. "Say, I admire your line of talk ! I do ! You are quite all right ! I rather expected something like this. "Why, I really believe you are trying to bribe me personally, aren't you?"

"Of course I am." The usurper smiled plac- idly. "You had no idea I was sending you out into this cold and cruel world to start an orphans '

home, or a hospital for indigent and decrepit