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A, D. ,t74b, ,; Anno decimonono GEORGII II. C. 39. 709

‘ thereupon commence, before-the Northern Circuit, to be holden in Ma this prefent Year, whereby ‘ there .appeared a Neceflity of fuperfedlng the faid Circuit;’ Be it there are enaéled by the Authority Judsefifidm-

aforel'aid,"l‘hat the judges of the Court of Juf’ticiary, and all and every. other Perfon and Perlbns “if: f" "'1; therein concerned, are hereby indemnified for their not performing the faid Circuit, as by the 'fore- cited Aét they were obliged to do; any thing in the fame Act, or in any other Law or Statute to the contrary notwithltanding. ' ‘ XX. And whereas a Doubt hath arifen with refpeét to the Shire of Dnnbflrlain, what Part thereof ‘ was intended to be difarmed by the lirl’c—recited ACl_made in the Firft Year of his late Majetly ‘ King GEORGE, and intended to be carried into furthcr Execution by the prefent Act -,’ Be it enacted

by'tltc Authorit aforefaid, 'l'hat fuch Parts of the .faid _Shire of Dnnbartm'n, as lie upon the Eat}, Panto" nut-- ' Weft and Nort 1 Sides of Lorlvlomand, to the Northward of that Point where the Water of Let/en runs 3“;"'f“_d'°b"' from, Lorblonmnd, are and were intended to be difarmcd by the aforefaid Aét, and are comprehend- “'1'” '

ed and fubje'ét to the Direaions of this Act.

‘ XXI. And whereas it is of great Importance to prevent the tiling Generation being educated

‘ in difaffec‘ted or rebellious Principles, and although fufficient Provilion is already made by Law for

‘ the due Regulation of the Teachers in the Four Univerfities, and in the publick Schools authorized =.‘_by Law in the ROyal Burghs and Country Parilhes in Scotland, it is further neceflary, that all

.‘ Perfons~who take upon them to officiate as Mailers or Teachers in Private Schools, in that Part

‘. of Great Britain called Stotlund, fhould give Evidence of their good Affce‘tion to his Majel‘tv’s Per-

‘ fon 'and Government ;’ Be it therefore enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That from ahd after

the firlt Day of November in the Year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and forty-fix. it {hall

not be lawful for any Perfon in Srotland to keep a Private School for teaching EngII/i), Latin, Greek

or any Part of Literature, or to officiate as a Matter or Teacher in fuch School, or any School for

Literature, other than thofe in the Univerfities, or efiablifhed in the refpec‘ftive Royal Burghs by pub-

lick Authority, or the Parochial Schools fettled according to Law, or the Schools maintained by the

Society in Srotlzmd for pr0pagating Chril‘tian Knowledge, or by the General Affeinblies of the Church

of Scotland, or Committees thereof, upon'the Bounty ranted by his Majelty, until the Situation and Silualiofi,&';. Defeription of fuch Private School be firlt entered ant? regifiered in a Book, which lhall be provided 0‘ Fritz": and kept for that Purpofe by the Clerks of the feveral Shires, Stewartries and Burghs in Stcflmzd, 32%;?!” together with a Certificate from the prOper Officer, of every fuch Matter and Teacher having qua— with a Ce'ni- lified himfelf, by taking the Oaths appointed by Law to be taken by Perfons in Offices 0 pub— ficaiwhl‘.‘ lick Truft in Stotlrznd ; and ever, fuch Matter and Teacher of a'Private School {hall be obliged, and Williang is hereby required, as often as rayers lhall be laid in fuch School, to pray, or caufe to be prayed q. .- for, in exprefs Words, his Ma'efly, his Heirs and Succeffors, by Name, and for all the Royal F a- if? 33:33:;ch mily ; and if any Perfon lhall, rom and after the [aid firft Day of Nawnzbtr, prefume to enter upon, {or'by Name. or excercife the F unetion or Office of a Matter or Teacher of any fuch Private School as lhall not

have been regiftered in Manner herein direaed, or without having firfi qualified himfeif, and caufed

the Certificate to be rcgil‘tered as above—mentioned; or in cafe he [hall neglect to pray for his Majel’t

by Name, and all the Royal Family, or to caufe them to be prayed for as herein directed; or in cale Man", not m he fhall refort to,-or attend Divine 'Worfhip in any Epifcopal Meeting-houfe not allowed'by the Law ; refort to un— every Perfon fo offending in any of the Premifl'es,_ being thereof lawfully convicted before any two_ lice?“ Mm- or' more (f the Juli-ices of Peace, or before any other Judge competent of the Place fummarily, 'lhall, 35-33;.{6' for the firfi Offence, fufier Imprifonment for the Space of fix Months ;. and for the fecond, or any fubfequent Olfence, being thereof lawfully convicted before the Court of Jufiiciary,_or in an of

the Circuit Courts, fhall be adjudged to be tranfported, and accordingly {hall l:e tranfporte to fome of his Majefiy’s Plantations in interim for Life; and in cafe any Perfon adjudged to be ['0 tranfported lhall return into, or be found _in Grazt Britain, then every fuclt Perfon {hall fuffer Im— ' prifonment for Life. - .

XXII. And be it further enacted by the‘Authority aforefaid, That if any Parent or Guardian pram,”

{hall put a Child or Children under his Care to any Private School that 'fhall not be regifleredrending

according to the Directions of this Adi, or whereof the principal Mailer or Teacher {hall not have d"°.“,‘° “_n- regiflered the Certificate of his havinu qualified himfelf as herein direited, every fuch Parent or Guar— dian f0 offending, and being thereofp lawfully convicted before any two or more Ju.‘tices of Peace, ‘ or before any other Judge competent of the Place futnmarily, lhail, for the tirll Otfenee, be lia- ble to fufi‘er Imprifonment by the Space of three Months; and for the fecond or any fub— fequent Offence, being thereof- lawfully convicted before the Court of _Iul‘ticiary, or in any—of the Circuit Courts, {hall fuffer Imprifonment for the Space of two Years from the Date of fuch Con- Vteuon. ‘ XXIII. And whereas by an Aft pafléd in the Parliament of Swill-uni, in the Year of our Lord one thourand fix hundred and ninety-three, all Chaplains in Families, and Get-'ernors and Teachers of Children and Youth, were obliged to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Aiiiu'ance therein (ii- reeled; and there may be {cute Doubt, Whether by the Laws, as they ltand at prdbn't, they an: obliged to take all the Oaths appointed to be taken by Perkins in Offices of publick Truft in Smilax-d .- ’ Therefore be it enaéled by the Authority aforefaid, That from and after the hrlt Day of Mort/Ila? in the Year of our Lord one thoufand {even hundred and forty—fix, no Perfon thall exercile the Empbyment, F unélion, or Service of a Chaplain, in,any Family in that Part of Grant Britninchapmns get called Stat/and, or of a Governor, Tutor, or Teacher of any Child, Children or Youth, refitting in in Fannie; to. Stat/and, or in Parts beyond the Seas, without fitfi qualifying Iii—trilclf, by taking the Oaths appointed “1“” OM35 by