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been told you. We have told you the Brâhmî Upanishad.

8. The feet on which that Upanishad stands are penance, restraint, sacrifice; the Vedas are all its limbs[1], the True is its abode.

9. He who knows this Upanishad, and has shaken off all evil, stands in the endless, unconquerable[2] world of heaven, yea, in the world of heaven".

  1. It is impossible to adopt Sankara's first rendering, "the Vedas and all the Angas," i.e. the six subsidiary doctrines. He sees himself that sarvângâni stands in opposition to pratishthâ and âyatana, but seeing Veda and Anga together, no Brahman could help thinking of the Vedângas.
  2. Might we read agyeye for gyeye? cf. Satap. Brâhm. XI, 5, 7, 1.