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V, 1, 12.

And those eighty thousand overseers over the townships, having expressed their joy and delight at the words of the Blessed One, rose from their seats, respectfully saluted the Blessed One, and passing round him with their right sides towards him, went away.

12. And Sona Kolivisa, soon after those eighty thousand overseers over the townships had departed, went to the place where the Blessed One was. And when he had come there he bowed down before the Blessed One and took his seat on one side. Sitting on one side Sona Kolivisa said to the Blessed One: 'As I understand the Dhamma proclaimed by the Blessed One (&c., as in §11, down to :) and go forth into the houseless state. I desire, Lord, to cut off my hair and beard, and to put on yellow robes, and to give up the world, and to go forth into the houseless state. May the Blessed One, Lord, ordain me.'

Thus Sona Kolivisa received from the Blessed One the pabbaggâ and upasampadâ ordinations. And the venerable Sona, soon after his upasampadâ, dwelt in the Sîtavana grove.

13. As he, with eager determination, was walking up and down there, his feet were injured, and the place in which he walked became covered with blood, like a slaughter-house for oxen. Then in the mind of the venerable Sona, who had gone apart and was plunged in meditation, there sprung up this thought :

'Though I have become one of those disciples of the Blessed One who live in the exercise of strenuous determination, yet my heart has not been set free from the Âsavas through absence of craving. And there is much wealth laid up for me at home. It is possible both to enjoy that wealth, and to do good