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V, 1, 19.

So the venerable So»a became yet another among the Arahats.

19. Now when the venerable Sona had attained, to Arahatship there occurred to him the thought: 'Let me now make known my Insight in the presence of the Blessed One ^ !'

Then the venerable Sona went to the place where the Blessed One was, and bowed down before the Blessed One, and took his seat on one side.' And when he was thus seated, the venerable So»a said to the Blessed One :

20. 'Whatsoever Bhikkhu, Lord, is an Arahat whose Âsavas are rooted out, who has lived the life, who has accomplished the task, who has laid aside every burden, who has gained the end he had in view, who has quite broken the fetter of a craving for (future) existence, who is completely set free by insight, six things doth he reach up unto ^ — unto renunciation, unto the love of solitude, unto kind- ness of heart, unto the destruction of craving, unto the destruction of thirst, unto the getting free from delusions.

21. 'Now it may be, Lord, that it might occur, regarding this matter, to some brother, thus: "For the sake of faith merely * hath this brother attained

It is often represented in the Pali Pitakas to have been a customary thing for any one who thought he had attained to Arahatship to deliver a discourse in the presence of Gotama, as a kind of proof, or test, of his emancipation ; and to receive the decision of Gotama thereupon. Buddhaghosa says: Awnam vydkareyyan ti: arah^ ahan ti ^dndpeyyaw. Compare Gdtaka 1, 140 ; II, 333.

Adhimutto hotlti: p2Jiiggh{tw& pai^akkha;^ katvd Mito hoti (B.).

Kevalaw saddhdmattakan ti : pa/ivedha-rahita»i kevalaw pavedha-panndya asammissa/n saddhdmattakam (6.). On the lower position here assigned to faith, compare Mahdparinibbdna Sutta VI, 9.