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I. The Tagganiya Kamma (Act of Rebuke).


1. At that time the Blessed One was staying at Getavana, in the grove of Andtha-pindika.

Now at that time the Bhikkhus who were followers of Pa;^^uka and of Lohitaka — who themselves were makers of strife, quarrelsome ^, makers of disputes ^ given to idle talk, and raisers of legal questions in the Sa^gha *, — used to go up to such other Bhikkhus as were the same, and say, ' Do not allow such a one, venerable Sirs, to turn you back. Discuss loud and long. You are indeed cleverer, more wise, more well informed, more able at that (than

These were two out of the six notorious ^^abbaggiya Bhikkhus, who are so frequently mentioned elsewhere. Buddhaghosa says, tessjn nissitakd piPa»(/ukalohitakd tv'eva panndyanti.

In addition to the passages referred to in the two following notes, compare the closing words of the Patimokkha, and the 2nd, 3rd, 12th, 13th, 17th, 54th, 74th, and 75th Pdiittiyas.

Such persons were formerly dealt with according to the 10th, 11th, and 12th Sa/nghddisesas.

Such persons were formerly dealt with according to the 8th and 9th Saw^gh^disesas and the 76th Pd^ittiya. Compare also below, IV, 14, and the 63rd and 79th Pd>tittiyas.