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was our own fault, not the Lord's. For had we regarded the Lord at the time of his giving the all- surpassing demonstration of the law, that is, the exposition of supreme, perfect enlightenment, then, O Lord, we should have become adepts in those laws. But because, without understanding* the mystery of the Lord, we, at the moment of the Bodhisattvas not being assembled, heard only in a hurry, caught, meditated, minded, took to heart the first lessons pronounced on the law, therefore, O Lord, I used to pass day and night in self- reproach. (But) to-day, O Lord, I have reached complete extinction ; to-day, O Lord, I have become calm ; to-day, O Lord, I am wholly come to rest ; to-day, O Lord, I have reached Arhatship; to-day, O Lord, I am the Lord's eldest son, born from his law, sprung into existence by the law, made by the law, inheriting from the law, accomplished by the law. My burning has left me, O Lord, now that I have heard this wonderful law, which I had not learnt before, announced by the voice from the mouth of the Lord.

And on that occasion the venerable S&riputra addressed the Lord in the following stanzas:

1. I am astonished, great Leader, I am charmed to hear this voice ; I feel no doubt any more ; now am I fully ripe for the superior vehicle.

2. Wonderful is the voice 1 of the Sugatas; it dispels the doubt and pain of living beings; my pain also is all gone now that I, freed from imper- fections, have heard that voice (or, call).

3. When I was taking my daily recreation or was

Rather, call.