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Bodhisattvas of that field will in walking step on jewel lotuses 1 . And these Bodhisattvas will not be plying their work for the first time, they having accumulated roots of goodness and observed the course of duty under many hundred thousand Buddhas ; they are praised by the Tath&gatas for their zealous application to Buddha-knowledge; are perfectioned in the rites preparatory to transcendent knowledge ; accomplished in the direction of all true laws; mild, thoughtful. Generally, *S&riputra, will that Buddha-region teem with such Bodhisattvas. As to the lifetime, ,S&riputra, of that Tathigata Padmaprabha, it will last twelve intermediate kalpas, if we leave out of account the time of his being a young prince. And the lifetime of the creatures then living will measure eight intermediate kalpas. At the expiration of twelve intermediate kalpas,

  • S3riputra, the Tath&gata Padmaprabha, after announcing the future destiny of the Bodhisattva called Dhmipariptiraa 2 to superior perfect enlightenment,

is to enter complete Nirv4#a. ' This Bodhisattva MahAsattva Dhmipariptiraa, O monks, shall immediately after me come to supreme, perfect enlightenment. He shall become in the world a TathAgata named Padmavrzshabhavikr&min, an Arhat, &c, endowed with science and conduct, &c. &c/ Now the Tathdgata Padmawzshabhavikrimin, *Satriputra, will have a Buddha-field of quite the same description. The true law, .S&riputra, of that Tathigata Padmav/Vshabhavikr&min will, after his

We may express the same idea thus: roses are springing up under their feet at every step.

Dhr/'ti, perseverance, endurance. Dhr/'tiparipur«a is, full

of perseverance or endurance.

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