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by any one else. (His preaching) consisted in this: This is pain; this is the origin of pain; this is the suppression of pain; this is the treatment leading to suppression of pain. He moreover extensively set forth how the series of causes and effects is evolved, (and said): it is thus, monks. From ignorance proceed conceptions (or fancies); from conceptions (or fancies) proceeds understanding[1]; from understanding name and form; from name and form the six senses[2]; from the six senses proceeds contact; from contact sensation; from sensation proceeds longing; from longing proceeds striving[3]; from striving as cause issues existence; from existence birth; from birth old age, death, mourning, lamentation, sorrow, dismay, and despondency. So originates this whole mass of misery. From the suppression of ignorance results the suppression of conceptions; from the suppression of conceptions results that of understanding; from the suppression of understanding results that of name and form; from the suppression of name and form results that of the six senses; from the suppression of the six senses results that of contact; from the suppression of contact results that of sensation; from the suppression of sensation results that of longing; from the suppression of longing results that of striving; from the suppression of striving results that of existence; from the suppression of existence results that of birth; from the suppression of birth results that of old age, death, mourning, lamentation, sorrow, dismay, and

  1. Or, distinctive knowledge, judgment.
  2. And, the objects of the six senses.
  3. Upâdâna, also taking up, and material.