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reposed, he collects them and addresses them again: 'Come, hear what I have to tell you: this city have I produced by magic.

102. 'On seeing you fatigued, I have, lest you should go back, made use of this device; now strain your energy to reach the Isle.'

103. In the same manner, monks, I am the guide, the conductor of thousands of kotis of living beings; in the same manner I see creatures toiling and unable to break the shell of the egg of evils[1].

104. Then I reflect on this matter: These beings have enjoyed repose, have been tranquillised; now I will remind[2] them of the misery of all things (and I say): 'At the stage of Arhat you shall reach your aim.'

105. At that time, when you shall have attained that state, and when I see all of you have become Arhats, then will I call you all together and explain to you how the law really is.

106. It is an artifice of the Leaders, when they, the great Seers, show three vehicles, for there is but one vehicle, no second; it is only to help (creatures) that two vehicles are spoken of.

107. Therefore I now tell you, monks: Rouse to the utmost your lofty energy for the sake of the knowledge of the all-knowing; as yet, you have not come so far as to possess complete Nirvâna.

108. But when you shall have attained the knowledge of the all-knowing and the ten powers proper to Ginas, you shall become Buddhas marked by

  1. Klesândâkosa.
  2. The rendering of this passage is doubtful; the text runs thus: sarvasya duhkhasya 'nubodha eshu.