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This page needs to be proofread.

sitting at the foot of the most exalted tree, become Buddhas, after they shall have reached the knowledge.

15. All shall bear the same name of Ketus 1 of the Ratna, by which they shall be widely famed in this world. Their excellent fields shall be equal, and equal the congregation of disciples and Bodhi- sattvas.

16. Strong in magic power, they shall all simul- taneously, in every direction of space, reveal the law in this world and all at once 2 become extinct ; their true law shall last equally long.

And the disciples, both such as were still under training and such as were not, on hearing from the Lord, face to face, the prediction concerning each of them, were pleased, exultant, ravished, joyous, filled with cheerfulness and delight, and addressed the Lord with the following stanzas :

17. We are satisfied, O Light of the world, to hear this prediction ; we are pleased, O TathAgata, as if sprinkled with nectar.

18. We have no doubt, no uncertainty that we shall become supreme amongst men; to-day we have obtained felicity, because we have heard that prediction.

Ketum did, apparently 'cluster of Ketus,' is the appellation of the western region; Ketumat is a ruler of the western quarter, i.e. the personification of the west. The phrase rendered by 'standing in their last bodily existence' (paj^ime samu£££raye), in stanza 13, also means 'standing in their elevation in the west.'

MSS. have sad a pi, but this is obviously a clerical error for sahapi.