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those who hear this. Dharmaparyâya and thereupon accept, penetrate, understand, comprehend it, are at the time near supreme, perfect enlightenment, so to say, immediately near it.

It is a case, Bhaisha^yar^a, similar to that of a certain man, who in need and in quest of water, in order to get water, causes a well to be dug in an arid tract of land. So long as he sees that the sand being dug out is dry and white, he thinks: the water is still far off. After some time he sees that the sand being dug out is moist, mixed with water, muddy, with trickling drops, and that the working men who are engaged in digging the well are bespattered with mire and mud. On seeing that foretoken, Bhaisha^yari^a, the man will be convinced and certain that water is near. In the same manner, Bhaisha^yari^a, will these Bodhisattvas MahAsattvas be far away from supreme and perfect enlightenment so long as they do not hear, nor catch, nor penetrate, nor fathom, nor mind this Dharmapary&ya. But when the Bodhisattvas Mah&sattvas shall hear, catch, penetrate, study, and mind this Dharmapar- y£ya, then, Bhaisha^yar&^a, they will be, so to say, immediately near supreme, perfect enlightenment. From this Dharmapary&ya, Bhaisha^yar^a, will ac- crue to creatures supreme and perfect enlightenment. For this Dharmapary&ya contains an explanation of the highest mystery, the secret article[1] of the law which the Tathdgatas, &c, have revealed for the perfecting of the Bodhisattvas Mah&sattvas. Any Bodhisattva, Bhaisha^yarA^a, who is startled, feels

anxiety, gets frightened at this Dharmaparydya,

  1. Or point.