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horizon and the gods. It consisted of seven precious substances, viz. gold, silver, lapis lazuli, Musiragalva, emerald, red coral, and Karketana-stone This Stfipa of precious substances once formed, the gods of paradise strewed and covered it with Mandirava and great Mand&ra flowers 2 . And from that Sttipa of precious substances there issued this voice: Excellent, excellent, Lord .SSkyamuni ! thou hast well expounded this Dharmapary&ya of the Lotus of the True Law. So it is, Lord ; so it is, Sugata.

At the sight of that great Stflpa of precious substances, that meteoric phenomenon in the sky, the four classes of hearers were filled with gladness, delight, satisfaction and joy. Instantly they rose from their seats, stretched out their joined hands, and remained standing in that position. Then the Bodhisattva Mahdsattva Mahdpratibhdna, perceiving the world, including gods, men, and demons, filled with curiosity, said to the Lord: O Lord, what is the cause, what is the reason of so magnificent a Stflpa of precious substances appearing in the world ? Who is it, O Lord, who causes that sound to go out from the magnificent Stflpa of precious substances ? Thus asked, the Lord spake to Mah&pratibh&na, the Bodhisattva Mah&sattva, as follows : In this great Sttipa of precious substances, Mah&pratibh&na, the proper body 3 of the Tath&gata is contained condensed ; his is the Stflpa ; it is he who causes this sound to go out

The raising of a seven-jewelled Stupa is also narrated in the Vinaya Pi/aka of the Mahasdnghika school, according to Beal in the Indian Antiquary, vol. xi, p. 47. The particulars of the description in that narrative bear little resemblance to those found in our text.

There fell smaller and bigger drops of rain.

Atmabhdva, also the very nature, the essential being.