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instructions and such as they have been set forth, to kotis of living beings;

30. This is not so difficult; nor is it, to train at the present time monks, and confirm my disciples in the five parts of transcendent knowledge.

31. But more difficult is it to keep this Sûtra, believe in it, adhere to it, or expound it again and again.

32. Even he who confirms many thousands of kotis of Arhats, blest with the possession of the six transcendent faculties (Abhiâs), like sands of the Ganges[1],

33. Performs something not so difficult by far as the excellent man does who after my extinction shall keep my sublime law.

34. I have often, in thousands of worlds, preached the law, and to-day also I preach it with the view that Buddha-knowledge may be obtained.

35. This Sûtra is declared the principal of all Sûtras; he who keeps in his memory this Sûtra, keeps the body of the Gina.

36. Speak, O young men of good family, while the Tathâgata is (still) in your presence, who amongst you is to exert himself[2] in later times to keep the Sûtra.

37. Not only I myself shall be pleased, but the Lords of the world in general, if one would keep for a moment this Sûtra so difficult to keep.

38. Such a one shall ever be praised by all the Lords of the world, famed as an eminent hero, and quick in arriving at transcendent wisdom.

  1. The latter half of the stanza runs thus: shadabhiâmahâbhâgân yathâ Gaṅgâya vâlikâ.
  2. Or, shall be capable.