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hundred thousand myriads of kotis of Buddhas[1], be a Bodhisattva and preacher of the law. These six thousand[2] nuns also, partly perfected in discipline, partly not, shall along with others become Bodhisattvas[3] and preachers of the law before the face of the Tathâgatas. Afterwards, when thou shalt have completed the course of a Bodhisattva, thou shalt become, under the name of Sarvasattvapriyadarsana (i. e. lovely to see for all beings), a Tathâgata, an Arhat, &c., endowed with science and conduct, &c. &c. And that Tathâgata Sarvasattvapriyadarsana, O Gautamî, shall give a prediction by regular succession to those six thousand Bodhisattvas concerning their destiny to supreme, perfect enlightenment.

Then the nun Yasodharâ, the mother of Râhula, thought thus: The Lord has not mentioned my name. And the Lord comprehending in his own mind what was going on in the mind of the nun Yasodharâ said to her: I announce to thee, Yasodharâ, I declare to thee: Thou also shalt before the face of ten thousand kotis[4] of Buddhas become a Bodhisattva and preacher of the law, and after regularly completing the course of a Bodhisattva thou shalt become a Tathâgata, named Rasmisatasahasraparipûrnadhvaga, an Arhat, &c., endowed with science and conduct, &c. &c., in the

  1. In the margin has been added by a later hand: 'after paying honour, respect, reverence, worship, and veneration.' A little further on we find the same marginal addition.
  2. A few lines before the number was six hundred. Both numbers come to the same, for ciphers do not count.
  3. Here it is not added that Gautamî cum suis has to change sex (i.e. gender) in order to be fit for Bodhisattvaship. In fact, the Krittikâs are always feminine in Sanskrit.
  4. Burnouf has read, ten hundred thousand myriads of kotis.