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gives towns and villages, in token of his contentment.

49. In his satisfaction he gives to some hand-ornaments, silver and gold thread; pearls, gems, conch-shells, stones (?), coral ; he also gives slaves of various description.

50. But when he is struck with the incomparable daring of one amongst the soldiers, he says : Thou hast admirably done this; and, taking off his crown, makes him a present of the jewel.

51. Likewise do I, the Buddha, the king of the law, I who have the force of patience and a large treasure of wisdom, with justice govern the whole world, benign, compassionate, and pitiful.

52. And seeing how the creatures are in trouble, I pronounce thousands of kotis of Sfitr&ntas, when I perceive the heroism of those living beings who by pure-mindedness overcome the sinful inclinations of the world.

53. And the king of the law, the great physician, who expounds hundreds of kotis of Pary&yas, when he recognises that creatures are strong, shows them this Sfitra, comparable to a crown jewel.

54. This is the last Stitra proclaimed in the world, the most eminent of all my Stitras, which I have always kept and never divulged. Now I am going to make it known; listen all.

55. There are four qualities to be acquired by those who at the period after my extinction desire supreme enlightenment and perform my charge[1]. The qualities are such as follows.

56. The wise man knows no vexation, trouble,

  1. Vyâparana.