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This page needs to be proofread.

sattvas, so immense in number, who for many hundred thousand myriads of ko/is of ^Eons, having observed a spiritual course of life, have long since come to certainty in regard to Tathcigata-knowledge; who are able to plunge in and again rise from the hundred thousand sorts of meditation; who are adepts at the preparatories to noble transcendent wisdom, have accomplished the preparatories to noble transcendent wisdom; who are clever on the Buddha-ground, able in the (ecclesiastical) Council and in TathSgata duties; who are the wonder and admiration of the world; who are possessed of great vigour, strength, and power. And the Lord says: From the very beginning have I roused, brought to maturity, fully developed them to be fit for this Bodhisattva position. It is I who havedisplayed this energy and vigour after arriving at supreme, perfect enlightenment. But, O Lord, how can we have faith in the words of the Tath&gata, when he says: The Tathgata speaks infallible truth? The Tathdgata must know that the Bodhisattvas who have newly entered the vehicle are apt to fall into doubt on this head; after the extinction of the Tathgata those who hear this Dharmaparydya will not accept, not believe, not trust it. Hence, O Lord, they will design acts tending to the ruin of the law. Therefore, O Lord, deign to explain us this matter, that we may be free from perplexity, and that the Bodhisattvas who in future shall hear it, be they young

Samdhimukhajatasahasrasam&padyanavyutth&nakusalah. I suppose that for mukha, point, principal point, side, face, we have to read sukha, ecstasy.

Mahdbh^wdparikarmanirySti mahdbhi^wdkr/laparikarmS«aA.

Panditk Buddhabhftmau sangitikujala^, Tath&gatadharm&waw.