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gata declares, all those Dharmaparydyas spoken by the Tath&gata are true. There can be no question of untruth from the part of the Tath4gata in this respect. For the Tathigata sees the triple world as it really is: it is not born, it dies not; it is not conceived, it springs not into existence; it moves not in a whirl, it becomes not extinct; it is not real, nor unreal; it is not existing, nor non-existing; it is not such, nor otherwise 1 , nor false. The Tathdgata sees the triple world, not as the ignorant, common people, he seeing things always present to him; indeed, to the Tath&gata, in his position, no laws are concealed. In that respect any word that the Tathdgata speaks is true, not false. But in order to produce the roots of goodness in the creatures, who follow different pursuits and behave according to different notions, he reveals various Dharmaparyiyas with various fundamental principles. The Tath&gata then, young men of good family, does what he has to do. The Tath&gata who so long ago was perfectly enlightened is unlimited in the duration of his life, he is everlasting. Without being extinct, the Tath&gata makes a show of extinction, on behalf of those who have to be educated. And even now, young gentlemen of good family, I have not accomplished my ancient Bodhisattva- course, and the measure of my lifetime is not full. Nay, young men of good family, I shall yet have twice as many hundred thousand myriads of kotis of Æons before the measure of my lifetime be full.

Or, it is not as it ought to be, nor wrong.

Virtually he has existed from the very beginning, from an infinite period; infinity multiplied by two remains infinity.