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And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

17. Let a man who is seeking after this knowledge, superior Buddha-knowledge, undertake to practise in this world the five perfect virtues;

18. Let him, during eight thousand kotis of complete Æons, continue giving repeated alms to Buddhas and disciples;

19. Regaling Pratyekabuddhas and kotis of Bodhisattvas by giving meat, food and drink, clothing and lodging[1];

20. Let him build on earth refuges and monasteries of sandal-wood, and pleasant convent gardens provided with walks;

21. Let him after so bestowing gifts, various and diversified, during thousands of kotis of Æons, direct his mind to enlightenment[2];

22. Let him then, for the sake of Buddha-knowledge, keep unbroken the pure moral precepts which have been recommended by the perfect Buddhas and acknowledged by the wise;

23. Let him further develop the virtue of forbearance, be steady in the stage of meekness[3], be constant, of good memory, and patiently endure many censures;

24. Let him, moreover, for the sake of Buddha-

  1. These Pratyekabuddhas can hardly be other persons than hermits, and the Bodhisattvas must be the ministers of religion, who otherwise are called Pandîtas, and Vaṇdyas, whence our Bonzes.
  2. I. e., if I rightly understand it, let him, after having lived in the world, retire from a busy life to take orders.
  3. I. e. of a monk under training.