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This page needs to be proofread.

And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

67. His mental organ is perfect, lucid, right, and untroubled. By it he finds out the various laws, low, high, and mean.

68. On hearing the contents of a single stanza, the wise man catches the manifold significations (hidden) in it, and he is able for a month, four months, or even a year to go on expounding both its conven- tional and its true sense.

69. And the beings living in this world, within or without, gods, men, demons, goblins, Nigas, brutes,

70. The beings stationed in any of the six condi- tions of existence, all their thoughts the sage knows instantaneously. These are the advantages of keep- ing this SCltra.

71. He also hears the holy sound of the law which the Buddha, marked with a hundred blessed signs, preaches all over the world, and he catches what the Buddha speaks.

72. He reflects much on the supreme law, and is in the wont of constantly dilating upon it ; he is never hesitating. These are the advantages of keeping this Sdtra.

73. He knows the connections and knots 1 ; he discerns in all laws contrarieties 2 ; he knows the meaning and the interpretations, and expounds them according to his knowledge.

74. The Sfltra which since so long a time has been

Sandhivisandhi, I am not sure of the real purport of these terms; Burnouf renders 'concordances et combinaisons.'

Sarveshu dharmeshu vilakshawdni; the rendering is uncertain;

Burnouf has, 'ne voit entre toutes les lois aucune difference.'