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This page needs to be proofread.

Then the Bodhisattva Mah&sattva Bhaisha^yarlfa immediately said to the Lord : To those young men or young ladies of good family, O Lord, who keep this Dharmaparydya of the Lotus of the True Law in their memory or in a book, we will give talismanic words * for guard, defence, and protection ; such as, anye 2 manye mane mamane ^itte ^arite same, samitavi, s&nte, mukte, muktatame, same avishame, samasame, ^aye, kshaye, akshtoe, sinte sanl, dhararci dlokabh&she, pratyavekshawi, nidhini, abhyantaravisish/e, utkule mutkule, asaafe, parage, suk&nkshl, asamasame, buddhavilokite, dharmapa- rlkshite, sanghanirghoshawi, nirghoshawi bhayAbha- yasodhanl, mantre mantrdkshayate, rutakauralye, akshaye, akshavanatiya, vakule valcWa, amanyatAya 3 . These words of charms and spells, O Lord, have been pronounced by reverend Buddhas (in number)


In giving these words I have followed the Camb. MS., even where the readings would seem to be incorrect.

The list in Burnoufs translation seems in many respects more correct; it is as follows: anye manye, arau parau amane ma- mane £itte forite; rame ramitd vbante, mukte muktatame same avisamasame, ^aye kshaye akshaye akshiwe .rante samite dharam dlokabhase pratyaveksha/ri dhiru viviru abhyantaranivish/e abhyan- taraparixuddhi, utkule mukule arade parage sukankshi asama- same buddhivilokite dharmaparikshite pratyaveksha/ri sanghanir- ghosham nirghosha/*i bhayavixodhani mantre mantrakshayate rutakauralya akshayavanatd vakkulavaloka amanyataye. All these words are, or ought to be, feminine words in the vocative. I take them to be epithets of the Great Mother, Nature or Earth, differently called Aditi, Pra^wa, Maya, Bhavdni, Durga. Any a may be identified with the Vedic any&, inexhaustible, and synonymous with aditi. Most of the other terms may be ex- plained as synonymous with pra^nd (e.g. pratyaveksha«i), with nature (kshaye akshaye), with the earth (dhdra/ii).

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